What does Changeblock do?

We are an environmental credit exchange, We shorten the timeframe for companies to create credits, and make it easier for businesses to analyse, trade, and retire natural capital.

Who is the team behind Changeblock?

The Changeblock team is composed of professionals with deep experience in their respective fields. Our backgrounds include being part of the team that created the first carbon credit, owners of a variety of successful startups in both the tech field and ES&G space and seasoned blockchain developers.

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How does Changeblock make it easier for companies to invest in ESG initiatives and for clean technology companies to succeed?

Changeblock provides a platform that allows companies to easily invest in and trade environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives. This includes the creation and sale of various types of environmental credits, such as carbon credits and plastic credits, as well as access to market insights, data, and machine learning tools. The platform also enables clean technology companies and project developers and originations to bring their solutions to market more efficiently, by providing them with the necessary infrastructure, support, and expertise to monetize their technologies through the creation and sale of environmental credits. By making it easier for companies to invest in ESG initiatives and for clean technology companies to succeed, Changeblock helps to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable future.

What types of credits does Changeblock generate and sell?

Changeblock generates and sells environmental credits in a variety of areas, including but not limited to: carbon credits, plastic credits, maritime credits, blue economy credits, end-of-life plastic credits, and hydrogen credits. The company aims to bring to market new and innovative environmental credits that address key issues related to sustainability and can be monetized through its platform. Changeblock also offers a range of services to support companies in their sustainability efforts, including sustainability policies, recommendations, and auditing services. By providing access to high-quality environmental assets and helping companies improve their sustainability practices, Changeblock aims to make it easier for companies to invest in ESG initiatives and for clean technology companies to succeed.

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How does Changeblock's platform streamline the verification process for green projects?

Changeblock's platform streamlines the verification process for green projects through digitisation of MRV through its use of advanced technology and by operating alongside the disciplines and standards established by the registries, examples include Vera and Gold Standard. By utilizing multiple independent audits, including on-site assessments where necessary, Changeblock ensures the credibility and accuracy of the environmental credits generated on its platform. This helps to ensure that the credits accurately reflect the environmental benefits of the projects they represent, making them more attractive to potential buyers and enabling companies and organizations to confidently invest in and offset their environmental impacts.

Can credits created with Changeblock be used to mitigate any type of environmental impact, or are they limited to certain substances/ pollutants?

Depending the type of Credit used, it can mitigate different activities. Changeblock currently accommodates carbon capture, and other technology focussed mechanisms most notably those related to plastic waste and maritime emissions, but the company plans to expand into other areas such as hydrogen and carbon credits in the future. The company aims to create a marketplace for credits related to other harmful chemicals that impact biodiversity, but it is not currently clear which specific substances or environmental impacts these credits will be designed to mitigate

What is Fusion One and how does it relate to Changeblock's offerings?

Fusion One is a company that performs pyrolysis of plastic waste to create syngas. It is related to Changeblock's offerings in that Changeblock integrates in real-time with Fusion One's Artificially Intelligent Cameras, Near Infrared (NIR) sensors, temperature, pressure and other sensors to sign off on the creation of plastic credits at the source creating a guaranteed immutable data-stream and high integrity environmental asset.

This allows Changeblock to offer plastic credits as a type of environmental credit on its platform.

How does Changeblock aim to address issues such as fraud, lack of transparency, and difficulty of access in the carbonmarkets?

Changeblock aims to address issues such as fraud, lack of transparency, and difficulty of access in the carbon markets by implementing several measures. First, Changeblock uses blockchain technology to create a secure and transparent record of all transactions, ensuring that credits are properly tracked and accounted for. Additionally, Changeblock works closely with established standards organizations such as Vera and Gold Standard, as well as using multiple independent audits, including on-site inspections where necessary. Finally, Changeblock has a partnership with Martello Risk, a leading risk management firm, to ensure that all credits meet high standards of quality and integrity. By implementing these measures, Changeblock aims to create a marketplace that is transparent, reliable, and trustworthy for all participants

Changeblock plans to create a marketplace for credits related to other harmful chemicals that impact biodiversity by identifying and partnering with companies or organizations that are working on solutions to mitigate the negative impacts of these substances. One of the key notes out of COP27 was that aggregation of financial products is needed for effective distribution of capital. This may involve working with developers of technologies or processes that can capture, contain, or neutralize harmful chemicals, or supporting the implementation of these solutions through the creation and sale of credits that represent the environmental benefits they provide

Changeblock will also use its platform and services to provide the necessary transparency, security, and trust needed to ensure that these credits are credible, verifiable, and widely accepted by market participants. This will involve using a variety of approaches, such as integrating with sensors and other monitoring technologies implementing smart contracts and blockchain-based systems for secure and transparent tracking of credits, and working closely with regulatory bodies and industry standards organizations to ensure compliance and credibility.

How can companies or organizations get involved with Changeblock and purchase credits?

Companies or organizations can get involved with Changeblock and purchase credits by visiting the Changeblock website and creating an account by pressing the Access button in the navigation bar or reaching out via the contact form on our website.

Subject to terms they can then browse available credits and make a purchase through the platform. Changeblock also offers a range of services and resources for businesses looking to invest in environmental initiatives and generate credits, including consultation and support in the credit creation process, access to market insights and data, and assistance with the documentation and verification of credits.

Is Changeblock's platform limited to certain industries or sectors, or is it open to any company or organization?

Changeblock's platform is open to any company or organization looking to mitigate their environmental impact and invest in ESG initiatives. The platform offers a range of environmental credits, including carbon credits and plastic credits, and is continually working to expand the types of credits available. Companies and organizations can get involved with Changeblock by visiting the platform and exploring the various credit options available, as well as reaching out to the Changeblock team for more information and guidance on purchasing credits.

What is a carbon offset?

A Carbon offset is a market based incentive to fix the environment. An offset typically represents one equivalent tone of CO2 removed from the atmosphere by a green project (e.g. reforesting an area of land). Projects can issue certificates verified by an independent board, provided they meet a certain set of criteria. Individuals or corporations can then purchase a carbon offset, in order to reduce their carbon footprint.

How effective is carbon offsetting?

Carbon offsetting is effective as long as the offsets are 'additional', meaning that they would not have occurred in the absence of an offset market. They must also be permanent, e.g. a tree planted as an offset must not be cut down. Changeblock ensures that every offset listed on our platform meets this criteria.

What is a carbon footprint?

Your carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gasses that are generated by our individual actions. Nearly everything we do including watching the TV, purchasing groceries and using the car produces CO2 as a byproduct.

How do you calculate my carbon footprint?

Changeblock submits the answers to questions about your lifestyle through our algorithm. The algorithm is able to determine the closest estimate for your footprint and is trained using the average GHG usage of UK households

What are Voluntary Carbon Markets?

The voluntary carbon markets function outside of compliance markets and enable companies and individuals to purchase carbon offsets on a voluntary basis with no intended use for compliance purposes. In short, this is a market that exists to allow companies, individuals and institutions to help the environment through carbon offsetting of their own free will, without being compelled to through legal means.

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