Environmental Attributes

Making the creation and trading of environmental assets trustworthy, easy and efficient

The Environmental Credit Exchange, powered by Changeblock, makes it simple and efficient for individuals and organizations to purchase and trade carbon credits. By utilizing innovative technology and reliable data, Changeblock ensures that the carbon credits (and other assets) on its platform represent genuine emissions reductions and environmental benefits, providing a secure and trustworthy marketplace for carbon offsetting.

Our Ecosystem is currently comprised of three core products:

  1. Credit Creation: Assets are audited, profiled and brought onto the Changeblock platform.

  2. Changeblock Finance: Project developers will be able to seek finance for their green projects and issue tokens representing the future carbon credits generated by their project.

  3. Marketplaces

    1. Corporate - The corporate marketplace presents a buying and selling venue for a variety of environmental credit products for corporates and financial institutions, helping them participate in the carbon markets, as-well as manage and offset their carbon emissions risk.

    2. Retail - Changeblock offers a secure and reliable retail marketplace for carbon offset products, supporting individuals and small-businesses in reducing their carbon footprint.

    3. web3 - Changeblock's web3 marketplace integrates our features with the decentralised ledger technology ecosystem

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